CommunicAsia 2014

At CommunicAsia 2014 this year we showcased our latest generation of IFSS2 (ver 1.2) incorporating the latest technology of ‘facial recognition’ to advance automation for non-intrusive Health/Fever Screening. This totally removes the need to ‘man’ our IFSS2 system as fever casualties are automatically identified and relevant care-givers are alerted. This allows organisations to save on manpower and still keep vigilance on virus spread. Integrating ‘facial recognition’ into IFSS2 enables our system to now provide additional Non-Intrusive Mass Security Screening as unregistered trespassers are automatically ‘red flagged’ for further security intervention.

We like to thank all our customers, partners and friends for showing interest at our applications and products at the ST Electronics booth and for having fun with us at our ‘hotshot corner’. Do remember to get your thermal picture taken at our next event.