Mass Fever & Security Screening Application


Worldwide integration with high volume of cross-border travel in the last decade creates a hotbed for potential viral epidemics of global proportion.  In 2003, SARS took less than a month to infect Asia and in three months, a number of countries around the globe.  A new mutation of virus can no longer be expected to naturally remain isolated in its location of origin. Containment of health threats today requires rapid and effective means of detecting infection in human carriers. This should be carried out with minimum intrusion to the normal flow of traffic especially in airports, seaports or any points of entries to countries and cities.  Within countries and cities, high epidemic risk facilities with typical heavy human traffic such as hospitals, universities, schools, government facilities, train stations, business premises, etc would also need to provide effective detection means for similar secondary protection so that society’s well-being against virus spread can be improved.