About Us


STELOP, your SMART EO applications partner, with more than 20 years of experience in Electro Optics, combines advance research in thermal imaging, optronics, lasers & pointing systems, realtime video analytics, ruggedisation and stabilisation to design our own comprehensive suite of SMART EO Products that integrate seamlessly with open architectures to create SMART EO Applications for our customers.

Why SMART? By automating detection, analysis and responses intelligently, our users are freed from hours of laborious repetitive non-productive tasks, and are only alerted when human decision and intervention is required.

Our People is the foundation of STELOP. We have grown from strength to strength, from our humble beginnings as an EO equipment maintenance centre to a complete total ‘one stop solutions provider’ for EO applications, with project management, domain, design, development, production and life cycle support services. Our strong team spirit backed by professional experiences, powered by our deep knowledge and an extremely hardworking culture allowed us to achieved an impeccable 100% success in all projects undertaken.  With continuous leadership encouragement on innovative improvement, qualification demographics for our people continue to grow individually leading to leap frog improvements in our products usability, performances and quality.

Our Customers have grown and enjoy the flexibilities of our applications and products that include:

  • Defence
    • Land
    • Naval
    • Airforce
    • Intelligence
  • Homeland Security
    • Coastguard
    • Police
    • Fire Services and Emergency Rescue
    • Immigration
    • Prisons
  • Commercial
    • Healthcare
    • Airports and Seaports
    • Maritime
    • Oil and Gas
    • Private Yachts

Our SMART EO Applications are proven benefitting our users in the areas of:

  • SMART EO Surveillance
  • SMART EO Security
  • SMART EO Engagement

Our SMART EO Products power our applications with multiple sensing on multiple platforms with analytics decision support. They include:

  • Turrets & terminals
  • Standalone devices
  • Commercial products

Our In-House Services integrate our products to bring user friendly applications to ease and enhance operations of our customers.

  • Programme Management
  • Electro Optics System Design, Development, Integration and Testing
  • Optronics Design and Development
  • Mechanical Design and Development
  • Software Design and Development
  • Electro Optics Equipment Manufacturing and Testing
  • Electro Optics System Total Life Cycle Support

Our In-House Facilities complete our total EO package offerings to customers with a host of infrastructures and test environments for on time delivery and repairs turnaround.

  • Clean Rooms for Optical Work
  • Automated Calibration Collimators
  • Thermal Chambers
  • Vibration Tables
  • Matlab Simulations