Infrared Fever Screening System2


STELOP, inventor and patent owner of infrared fever scanner technology unveils its next generation of the multiple awards winning Infrared Fever Scanner Solution (IFSS). A proven technology during the SARS crisis, the new ergonomically designed IFSS2 packs in a whole lot of automation for quick development and instant usage. Recording is displayed on screen with automatic thermal scan of multiple people in a totally non-intrusive manner. Using touch screen menus, users can easily pre-configure IFSS2 for a host of detection alerts ranging from built in audio/visual to email/sms alarms.

IFSS2 takes fever screening to the next level with maximum human resource savings and easily doubles up as a powerful automated security screening and alert management system. IFSS2 comes with highly reliable maintenance that only STELOP, with more than 20 years infrared research & development is confident to deliver on its performance.