Boutique Manufacturing


Electro-Optics (EO) thermal imaging surveillance solutions and applications are prevalent in many aspects of safety and security, such as monitoring and tracking air, land and sea borders, as well as coastal areas of sovereign countries.

Established in 1994, STELOP has grown steadily, building on its many years of product designing, engineering and in-house production capability. Today, STELOP is the leading EO application solutions provider in Singapore and the region.

Some of the systems produced by STELOP include image, intensifiers, handheld EO systems, weapon-based EO systems and sophisticated gyro­ stabilised EO systems.

End-to-end Production
STELOP is the only production house for EO equipment in Southeast Asia. It is equipped with advanced production and testing facilities. Coupled with full spectrum of engineering expertise and well integrated processes, STELOP ensures quality and dependability of high precision EO thermal imaging product assembly under single-line productions for small to medium batch productions.

As part of the production process, STELOP provides end-to-end services covering purchasing and sorting of components, controlled warehousing, assembly and alignment, integration, testing, environmental stress screening, qualification and installation.

STELOP also helps customers set up dedicated facilities to manufacture batch or production-sized optronics devices. This service is particularly relevant to OEMs who may have agreements with their clients for local or regional production and repair capabilities.

Another key strength of the company is its ability to provide complete integration of lens to mechanical parts. This requires quality assurance of the most stringent optical, mechanical, electrical and environmental performance specifications.

To further complement the production services, the company’s dedicated teams provide round-the-clock onsite maintenance to ensure smooth running of mission critical operations.

Hence, customers who value mission critical EO products rely on STELOP to provide these production and integration services.

Intellectual Property Protection
STELOP takes its customers’ intellectual property (IP) requirements seriously, and adopts various production strategies to prevent violation of IP rights. These include implementing special access control to segregated work areas , forming dedicated teams for IP-confidential projects , and using secured IT infrastructure, etc. Customers are therefore, assured of proper protection of their IP rights.

STELOP provides a wide range of services.

Process services:

  • Preparation of materials for high cleanliness optics application in Class-10 K environment
  • Degreasing
  • Ultrasonic washing
  • Cleaning with de-ionised water
  • Vacuum process and out-gassing process
  • Mixing and application of chemicals

Factory level services:

  • Temperature and environment screening and test
  • MRTD/collimator test
  • Laser system testing and measurement
  • Optical-mechanical module integration and calibration
  • Gimbal balancing
  • Dead pixel correction
  • DDC cooler replacement
  • Ultrasonic cleaning facilities

Consultancy services:

  • Flexible service agreements that enable clients to keep their respective electro-optical systems operating at peak performance levels throughout their operational lifetime. These service contracts are designed to minimise down-time and maximise the productivity of customers’ investments
  • Technical assistance that features onsite customer support from our team of experts who are fully versed in integrated opto­mechanical technologies and applications
  • Opto-mechanical equipment repair assessment and repair using factory certified replacement parts