Life Cycle Support

Electro-Optics (EO) thermal imaging surveillance solutions and applications are prevalent in many aspects of safety and security, such as for the monitoring and tracking of air, land and sea borders, as well as coastal areas of sovereign countries. Established in 1994, STELOP has grown steadily, building on its many years of product designing, engineering and in-house production and maintenance capability. Today, STELOP is the leading EO application solutions provider in Singapore and the region.

Some of the EO systems produced by STELOP include image intensifiers, handheld EO systems, weapon-based EO systems and sophisticated gyro­ stabilised EO systems.

A Life-cycle Approach to Total Support Management

STELOP has established effective and efficient maintenance and logistics support services so that customers enjoy maximum value from its EO solutions. STELOP’s lifetime approach leverages the expertise of its experienced maintenance team as well as defined methodologies and sophisticated infrastructure.  Over the years, the company has successfully deployed and supported many EO solutions.

STELOP’s Life-Cycle Support includes:

  • Round-the-clock helpdesk and on-site maintenance support
  • Maintenance services at operator, intermediate and depot levels
  • Maintenance planning and analysis
  • Calibration, testing and qualification
  • Training and documentation

Experienced Maintenance Team

STELOP’s in-house capabilities include trouble-shooting and repair at both component and system level. Its maintenance team also provides round-the-clock response to keep customers’ EO systems operating at an optimal level. The team is the first line of support to resolve customers’ technical problems.

Full Maintenance & Support Management Services

System Maintenance & Repair

Besides offering on-site operator (“0” level) maintenance, more complex preventive and pre-emptive maintenance of EO systems is also carried out at STELOP’s facility.

Detailed fault analysis are conducted for repairs and reports are submitted to customers.

Intermediate [“I”] Level Maintenance

Testing and repair to turn around the faulty systems in line with customers’ maintenance concept.

System level testing will also be conducted to ensure that the system performance is within its specification.

•        Depot [“D”] Level Maintenance

STELOP has established factory level capabilities to perform component, sub-assemblies and modules repairs such as the repair of field-of -view module and detector assembly, micro-scanner modules as well as optical bonding.

Calibration, Testing & Qualification

As a one-stop end-to-end maintenance service centre, STELOP has facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and test stations to assemble, disassemble and to test sophisticated EO systems.  ALL testing and qualification are performed to ISO 9001 standards.

STELOP’s facilities are equipped to conduct the following tests to calibrate, test and qualify EO systems:

  • Payload-Gimbals resolver calibration and balancing
  • Image quality and focus mechanism test
  • Grayscale test and field-of-view (FOV) test
  • Bore-sighting test between NFOV-MFOV-WFOV
  • NUC calibration test
  • Night channel minimum resolvable temperature difference (MRTD) verification
  • Day channel resolution verification
  • Various sensors Line-of–sight (LOS) bore-sight, calibration and verification
  • Laser range finder (LRF) measurements

Spares and Obsolescence Management

STELOP has experienced purchasing and logistics manpower as well as warehousing facilities to support customers in managing spares and obsolescence. These help maintain high uptime and extend the product life.

The spares provisioning and management services include:

  • Incoming inspection and serviceability check on spares and qualification of spare part suppliers;
  • Storage and accountability;
  • Manage stock reorder levels.

Training and Documentation

STELOP trains users with theoretical knowledge, practical applications and hands-on learning to operate as well as maintain EO systems. The documents, manuals or instructions are maintained, reviewed and updated when necessary by STELOP, who can also facilitate as custodian.

Service Level Agreements

Service agreements are tailored to suit each customer’ preferences and requirements, for example, type of service, frequency of service and response time, to name a few. The customers are also updated by progress and monthly status reports and also through regular meetings and reviews.

Intellectual Property Protection

STELOP takes its customers’ intellectual property (IP) requirements seriously, and adopts various strategies to protect their IP rights. These include implementing special access control to segregated work areas, forming dedicated teams for IP-confidential projects, and using secured IT infrastructure, etc. Therefore, customers are assured of proper protection of their IP rights.

With STELOP as one-stop service centre for the maintenance and servicing of the electro-optics products, the customer would be more assured that their products would receive the best care.